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Gardening is the breakout hit of COVID-19

Wednesday, June 24, 2020
Gardening is the breakout hit of COVID-19

During COVID-19 and global lockdowns, people have turned to new hobbies and activities to keep themselves occupied and isolated while following stay-at-home orders. We’ve seen various categories explode in popularity as COVID-19 has worn on, however one that stands out is gardening.

When we hit one million ‘thank you’ reviews as part of our Thanks A Million campaign, garden centers came in second for the category with the most ‘thank you’ reviews. With nearly 30,000 consumers going out of their way to thank garden center companies, we decided to take a deeper look at why garden centers have been so important to consumers during COVID-19.

New gardens and a new hobby

As most of the world retreated into their homes for an indeterminate amount of time, many quickly looked for new hobbies and ways to occupy their newfound time. Many Trustpilot reviewers shared that they turned to gardening for the first time as a way to occupy the extra hours and liven up their homesteads. New gardeners have continued to thank businesses for helping them get started with their new hobby.

Great plant delivery for new gardener!

For many consumers, making their abode a happy place has been critical given the amount of time spent at home, and many are turning to gardening to achieve this. One reviewer stated that planting perennials is going to make their new garden feel more like home.

Plantsavers saved our brand new garden

Companies that have been able to keep gardeners supplied, so they can cultivate their new garden or nursery during lockdown, have been thanked many times by consumers in their reviews.

Good service overall

Relief for those struggling with mental health

In recent years, gardening has been used as a therapy and rehabilitation method for people struggling with anxiety and other mental health issues. During COVID-19, many Trustpilot reviewers have found this to truly be an effective way of dealing with the stress caused by quarantine. One reviewer spent the day repotting plants and found taking care of them has helped their mental health, and they were very grateful to the company that kept them supplied with repotting needs.


Another reviewer ordered 600 plug plants (which surely provided hours upon hours of gardening activity) and credited the work-to-be-done with playing an active role in their mental health upkeep.

Received my 600 plug plants all in…

Frontline workers have likely felt additional pressure during COVID-19, being tasked with keeping the population at large healthy and safe. One Trustpilot reviewer who is an emergency nurse said that ordering 60 plants to get their “gardening fix” has kept them sane during lockdown.

First time ordering

Finding a way to cope with lockdown

Not everyone has struggled with mental health during quarantine, but many are still finding that gardening is a good way to cope with being stuck inside. Distanced from friends and family, reviewers are appreciative that many garden centers have found ways to cater to their horticultural needs even with business and supply restrictions.

Great customer care

Without errands to run and social obligations, some gardeners are finding that the extra time for gardening is a silver lining during lockdown, and something to be appreciated. One reviewer said that gardening has been their “hidden joy” in an otherwise stressful time, and that they are looking forward to seeing their new plants grow.

Very Pleased

Gardening can also have delicious results. One reviewer was especially happy to see new artichoke plants are growing happily in their garden.

Great service and lovely plants

With all of the landscaping and cultivation happening during COVID-19, we’re sure to see more beautiful gardens near our homes and neighborhoods in the future. If you’ve developed a green thumb during lockdown, or if you’ve used this extra time to hone your horticultural skills, be sure to let garden centers and nurseries know how they’ve helped your garden grow, or how they can improve their services, by leaving them a review on Trustpilot.

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