1 star: Bad


DID NOT GET MY REFUND. I am out $190.70 and very very upset.
I purchased a blanket in Dec. 2019. Did not like the way the filling moved so immediately returned it unused and clean. Company claimed they would refund no problem within timeline. I reached out many times and initially got a text response they were very sorry and refund was coming. Nothing came. Then next that covid caused delays and then eventually their website and contacts disappeared. The definition of FRAUD. Buyer BEWARE :(

1 star: Bad

Losses 2 stars for terrible customer…

Losses 2 stars for terrible customer service.
Losses another for sending me the wrong blanket
Looses one more star for the sizing being too small.
Keeps one star ⭐️ because I got it on special for half off.

Please do not buy. You will lose your money and they don’t refund

1 star: Bad

I purchase the blanket as a Xmas gift…

I purchase the blanket as a Xmas gift and returned it in January and requested a refund , the company customer rep did get back to me but with lies of refund would be return to me
I never got a refund and future email were replied with auto message of business affected by Covid which is BS since the entire purchase and refund was and should gave been rectified before March 2020.
This company should b we considered as a fraud and fraudulent business ethics

1 star: Bad

Do not buy! Nirvana is a fraud

I purchased a Nirvana blanket in late December and returned it unopened in early January. Nirvana has not refunded me and does not reply to emails other than to say there are delays due to Covid. Nirvana is a fraudulent operator.

1 star: Bad


I had purchased my blanket in April and asked for a return because the size wasn't accurate to the description. I have yet to hear back from anyone on the team. I've been sent an auto-reply several times. It's understandable that businesses have been affected by the pandemic but communication from the team is so important for trust in the brand/company. Completely disappointed

1 star: Bad

DO NOT BUY from this company

Do not buy from this company, poor customer service and will not refund your money.

Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore
1 star: Bad

Blanket arrived covered in hair

My Nirvana blanket was delivered covered in hair. After taking the weighted blanket out of the plastic pouch and laying it on my bed, I noticed that it was covered with short black and white hair which did not originate in my home. After taking the blanket outside and picking off about 20 hairs and putting them in a bowl to take a photo, I gave up and put the blanket back in the plastic pouch.

Obviously, my expectation was that I would be receiving a new product and not something used. I was especially disturbed to receive something that was covered in someone else's hair during a pandemic. I called Nirvana multiple times with no answer and sent several emails. The automatic response to my first email said that I would receive a response within two weeks (May 4). That date came and went with no response from Nirvana. I sent more emails and received automatic emails stating that I would receive a response by May 25. It is now over a month since I received the hair covered blanket and no one from Nirvana has reached out to me. I'm extremely disappointed by the complete disregard for any sense of customer service once they have processed payment. I would not buy from this company again and hope they contact me soon to address this issue.

1 star: Bad

Do not buy from this company

This is my first online review, ever. I wanted to ensure that other people did not make the same mistake that I did and buy from this company.
I tried their blanket, felt like it was cheap and not well-made, decided it wasn't for me, and went through the returns process all within their specified returns timeline.
They received my return within the acceptable return period and assured me I would receive my refund after it had been several weeks and I emailed to follow up.
It has now been a full 83 business days and I STILL have not gotten a refund (their returns policy states that it may take up to 60 business days). After several emails back and forth, each one assuring me that they would "promptly" refund me the following week, it never happened.

Now due to the pandemic, they are not replying to emails and I can't get a hold of them. Prior to the pandemic it had already been almost the full 60 business days and they continued to evade a refund. I could understand if I had begun my return during the pandemic, but I began it back in the middle of January. It should have been handled, because it's easy to put that money back onto a credit card, and I would know, I've worked in retail returns before.

TLDR, don't buy from this company. If you need to return your blanket, you won't receive your refund and you'll have to deal with some truly terrible customer service.

1 star: Bad

Scam do not buy!!!!!

They won’t give me a refund never got my blanket this is a scam and to rip people off during covid when they can’t get into stores.... wow #scam

5 stars: Excellent
2 stars: Poor

I had send an email regarding my order…

I had send an email regarding my order and never heard back. I still have not heard back and I have had my order for over 2 weeks now

4 stars: Great

Easy to use website

Easy to use website. Delivery was quick. Blanket is exactly what we expected.

1 star: Bad

Worst company ever

We have been waiting over a month for anyone to respond to us, and we've tried contacting the company 5 times to return this blanket, no response. Very poor customer service. I suggest if you want to try a weighted blanket, try any company other than this one.

3 stars: Average

didn’t work for me

It felt ok weight wise when I layed on my back but it was bothersome for my hips as I couldn’t lay on my sides with it. and despite it being cooling it was still too hot and it’s only spring and we don’t have heat on in our apartment. I didn’t notice any improvement in my sleep as it just caused more pain which negated any potential sleep benefits.

Will be sending back. Thanks!

5 stars: Excellent
5 stars: Excellent

Love this blanket!

Love this blanket! It came in a timely manner, and it works great. I have noticed an improvement in my sleep and I find it helps with my anxiety.

3 stars: Average

Ignored my request

Asked specifically not to include price of blanket in packaging as this was a gift for my mom. My request was ignored. Message to the company a day or two after she received the package to complain was also ignored. Customer service definitely lacking here.

5 stars: Excellent

I love my new blanket

I love my new blanket. The weight works perfectly for me. The quality is also spot on

5 stars: Excellent

Best blanket. Zzzzzzz

Bought this for my wife and she said she’s never slept better.

5 stars: Excellent

Excellent service and delivery

Excellent service and delivery, seems like quality product just had a short period of time.