2 stars: Poor

Pizza Excellent, Cust. Service Indifferent.

The pizza was excellent, customer service was NOT. I gave the driver explicit directions, he did not listen and got lost in my building, he called me, but was STILL not listening to my directions, finally he got to me.
I called back after placing order and asked for plates and napkins, DID NOT RECEIVE. They did call back and ask if we wanted the plates and napkins, I said it was too late.
When I call Customer Care to complain, all they said was "sorry it won't happen again", no compensation to keep me as a customer.
If I get a response to this, or a phone response from Pizza Pizza I will stay a customer, or it's off to Domino's.

Reply from Pizza Pizza
Truly sorry about this less than stellar experience Lynn. Could you please send us further order details to feedback@pizzapizza.ca?
1 star: Bad

I can not believe

I can not believe, what happened when.
I went to pick up,my pizza on mcarthur near freshco.
One the handicap button, to get in was not working.
I ordered the pizza, to be picked up at six fifteen pm.
When I walked In, at five forty five the pizza was ready.
So the pizza would have, sat on the oven for thirty minutes.
That's just gross, and definitely not healthy.
I looked where the pizzas, were being made.
I was ready to scream, none of the employees.
Were wearing masks, then two people walked in.
Neither of them were wearing masks.
And the employee behind the, counter never.
Asked them to put, on a mask it's a law.
There are business like this, pizza pizza only.
Care about making money, not there customers.
Or employees they should be, find the highest amount.
If they do it again, shut them down they.
Dont deserve to be open, by the way bylaw was called.
A complaint was filed.

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1 star: Bad
1 star: Bad

Many bad experiences at the Pizza Pizza…

Many bad experiences at the Pizza Pizza location on Maloney blvd in Gatineau. They put on the pizza 10-20% of the toppings you pay for. I sent a survey following several bad experiences and a CSR called me 2 days after. Rude, uninterested about my complaint, he just wanted to give me a 5$ credit and be done with me.

Adios, pizza pizza.

1 star: Bad

Wow..I don't normally write a review…

Wow..I don't normally write a review but i just had to share how disappointed I was with my recent chicken pizza order. After learning that chicken topping counts as 2 toppings and has an extra fee, I was so surprised to get my pizza order and being able to count 1 and/or 2 chicken pieces on each slice. Guessing pizza pizza is charging more to give less...

1 star: Bad

Stay away. For ever.

Ordered online 2 medium pizzas with Italian ham and New York Peperroni, the website didn’t transfer the correct order, they prepared cheese pizzas in restaurant. Realized this at home, called the online phone number. The representative told me to go back in store that she sent a message to prepare 2 medium pizzas with right topping free of charge and that it would be ready within 20 minutes. I have been in store waiting with my 3 kids for 50minutes, it’s now 10:40PM. They have been calling the headquarters number 3 times because they don’t agree with what the head office sent them with their old printer messaging system. The only thing that it going to happen to this franchise is bankruptcy. I have never seen a service this bad and slow in my life. The cook arguing with the girl in the front endlessly. Stay away. For ever.

Reply from Pizza Pizza
Hello Dominique, truly sorry to hear about this experience. Could you please email further location details at feedback@pizzapizza.ca?
2 stars: Poor

Pizza delivered cold

Arranged for the pizza to be delivered because at present I am considered immune compromised. The pizza itself was okay, nothing special. The problem that I have is it arrived barely warm. At first I thought it was just me being difficult, but it wasn’t just me. Everyone commented that the pizza was cold. I haven’t seen my family in nine months due to the treatments I have been receiving. I finally received permission from my doctors to visit my family. I was driven in from London and have been visiting my family for the past week. I’m heading back home tomorrow. So today was sort of a goodbye lunch. Not the lunch we were expecting.

1 star: Bad

Cashier and one more pizza maker rude…

Cashier and one more pizza maker rude this location midland and Lawrence
Today at 9.50 pm 10/07/2020
I went to this location cashier argument with other people what ever you can do doit????what is this???
They never respect anyone 90 percent Indian people working there that’s the reason they never respect anyone
Me and my most relationship never go to this location anymore stupid people working

1 star: Bad


Rude, racists
I was kicked out of the pizza pizza on McArthur because "they don't allow people in" . meanwhile, some guys came after us and they were not asked to step out. They waited for their food indoor until it was ready then left.
Black people aren't the cause of CoVid!
I will never go back there.

Reply from Pizza Pizza
Hello Skyline, please get in touch with us about your most recent experience by sending us an email at feedback@pizzapizza.ca. Thank you
1 star: Bad

Nopity, nope, nope.

I will never buy another thing from you. If I can not trust you to protect my privacy, I can not trust your food handling.

1 star: Bad

Got the worst pizza I've ever had…

Got the worst pizza I've ever had yesterday @ the Queen/West Lodge location. That isn't an exaggeration-I eat a lot of pizza. It went straight over the fence for the raccoons (who probably didn't eat that s+++ either) after a couple bites when I got home. Not only will I never order from Pizza Pizza again, I suggest YOU don't either, pizza lovers. Basically fake food. The cheapest, lowest-quality 'ingredients' and I owe Pizza Nova some flowers and an apology for cheating on them ;)

1 star: Bad

If I could rate Pizza Pizza a ZERO I…

If I could rate Pizza Pizza a ZERO I would! We ordered for the first time (a month ago! ) and got he worst food ever! So we gave them the benefit of the doubt and ordered again tonight and omg raw dough throughout our pizza, like I mean uncooked raw dough! And the plain battered wings were SPICY AGAIN?! Ridiculous!

1 star: Bad

Pizza Pizza cannot commit to a standard service - they do not deserve to be in business

My son is in Oakville hospital and upon trying to order a pizza they told me he had to come down with a card and get the pizza. I explained I'm paying for his pizza and he cannot leave the floor. Yesterday, a friend on the floor ordered a pizza via his family and the pizza was delivered to him on his floor. So I stated that an order can be placed and received by Pizza Pizza to the Oakville Hospital depending on who happens to answer the phone and take the order. I fully understand the reasons they may have regarding COVID - however service is either standard and the same way all the time or it's not. This tells me they have no standards and serves customers depending on who is contacted - no consistency - due to this - Pizza Pizza has lost my business because they cannot commit to a standard service offering and after I tried to place the order, my sons friend received did and received the order - no tell me how this makes any sense. Pizza Pizza - you are and will loose a lot of business. You do not deserve to be a hospitality business in Canada

1 star: Bad

Zero star review

Zero star review

Shops on don mills location

June 26. 2020

Ordered the special medium with 2 toppings and free dip.
They overcharged and didn't give me the free dipping sauce.

Complained on their site with avail

Really bad

Never going there ever

They dint care

1 star: Bad

ordered two panzerotti from here with…

ordered two panzerotti from here with plant based meat and got meat sausage and pepperoni instead of plant based contacted pizza pizza and they just yelled on the phone they could not do anything. if your vegan or vegetarian don't order from here at they clearly can't offer a option. its not to spend $50 on food and have it all wrong oh the best part is i ordered dipping sauce too and never got that ether. contacted costumer service and they said they could do nothing do $50 out for nothing with them doing nothing but placing the blame everywhere else but on them selves.

1 star: Bad

Don’t get me wrong the owners are great…

Don’t get me wrong the owners are great people but seems like their employees lack basic training Or don’t care for their customers. Ordered 2 XL pizzas yesterday at 5:30pm, got it In 20 minutes just to eat undercooked pizza. This is the queen and west lodge location. I’ve ordered some chicken bites Before as well and it seems that they don’t cook it long enough. This never happens when the owners are there.

1 star: Bad

If I could give 0 stars I would

If I could give 0 stars I would. Horrible customer service, they came one hour at 15 min later, gave us the wrong pizza, and refused to change it when we called. Eventually they ended up telling us ‘oh we closed the store we cannot help you’. NEVER AGAIN

1 star: Bad

Cauliflower crust

I ordered cauliflower crust last night and it was disgusting! such a waste for small pizza $35 straight to the garbage. Don't even think to try it. I know this kind of crust is different from the regular crust but this was the worst thing I ever had!

5 stars: Excellent
2 stars: Poor

Screwed by Pizzza Pizza

I have often ordered from Pizazz Pizza. Always a panzoritte and a small poutine. I did the same thing today but too stupid to get the receipt. I never got the poutine and could not prove this. So as far as I a concerned, I will never order from them again. I order almost every week and my word was not good enough for the statt. AS far as IA am concern3ed, Pizza Pizza can screw off.
They just lost a good customer.

Be warmed. always get your recepit.