5 stars: Excellent

I have been going to Prudent for over…

I have been going to Prudent for over 30 years and their team (Gary and team), have been nothing but extremely helpful over the years.
Whenever I required assistance, Gary was ALWAYS able to assist. Prudent is reputable, honest and they go above and beyond.
Their location is spotless and walking into the office, you feel very comfortable.

Gary, THANK YOU for your continuous support.

3 stars: Average

I am in the process of trying to figure…

I am in the process of trying to figure out best options available for my situation and am finding it very hard to find a lender for personal loan.

In regards to any financial lenders that are willing to assist you and your financial situation, it disturbs me on all the negative reviews on companies that are willing to help.

The reason for going threw companies for poor credit "higher rates " is because we are classified as high risk borrowers.

The amount of complaints are ridiculous, regardless whether you have had bad or good experience with this company nobody complains at the moment when they are approved and cash in hand.

I have seen statements like " READ THE FINE PRINT " well I do beleive that instead of just signing your life away indeed you should have read the fine print thoroughly before signing.

I for one have exhausted all means of finding lender to help considering my credit score. When applying your very well aware of risk factors automatically no matter what you will pay higher interest rates due to being a high-risk borrower.

This is just my opinion best of luck to all.

Hi there! I never filled out a application with your company, I was just responding to all the negative review comments towards companies that lend to high risk client's and then leave negative reviews after the fact.

Sorry if you thought I was making a complaint about your company that is not the case.

Reply from Prudent Financial Services
Hi Stephanie - We traced your name and have no record of it as a current or past customer with Prudent Financial. We understand your concern about the difficulty in finding a trusted lender when banks are not an option. If you have equity in a car or a home, we are able to find ways to make lending possible when it makes sense for you and your circumstances. Should you wish to reach out directly to us we can certainly go over your situation and if we are unable to assist we can advise other options. Warm Regards, Prudent Customer Care
5 stars: Excellent

Prudent Review

Deborah McGee and Prudent has helped me out many many times.
They are wonderful.

It's almost like Deb is a mind reader when I am struggling all of a sudden I get a call from her. Amazing lady.

Thanks for all you help and I will refer your Company and Deb to friends. I am sure if needed I will contact you again.


1 star: Bad

Go to money mart!!!!! Prudent is crooked!

I currently have a small loan with prudent and I want everyone to know that they are crooked! They double charged me in one month and lied saying they were going to investigate it and didn’t! I did a full investigation with my bank, showed prudent my proof and they did nothing about it! They are unprofessional and unreliable! Take my word, I would sooner go to money mart!

Reply from Prudent Financial Services
We would like to investigate your claim, but there is no way of determining who you are when you post an anonymous review. Should you wish to call our office we will definitely look into this once we know the particulars. 416 223 9300 Sincerely, Prudent Customer Care
1 star: Bad

This company is ruthless to say the…

This company is ruthless to say the least. Just read the fine print when signing fake "low" interest loans...car loans or mortgages. I used this company over 10 years ago...and they continue to this day to report on my credit...for selling me a lemon of a car that the engine blew up on me a year after the warranty (1 year) expired 1 month after. I would never recommend this company...if you are desperate..they know..and they will definately use that to their advantage. Please use other trust worthy options out there...even if you have to pay a lil extra...which you wont..because this company states you'll pay a certain rate...but i promise you you wont. If you simply do the calculations for the loan..you will quickly realize how much money they are making from you. Please stay away is all I can say. You will be doing yourself a huge favour by going elsewhere.

Reply from Prudent Financial Services
Hi ... we are sorry to read about your experience. We do go above and beyond when people purchase a car from us. But obviously we have no control over how a vehicle is maintained or driven.
Our warranty time period is fairly extensive in the premium used vehicle market place. We have sold hundreds of vehicles with very happy customers and we continue to do our best every time. Our Sincerely, Prudent Customer Care
5 stars: Excellent

I dealt with John Di Falco he was a God…

I dealt with John Di Falco he was a God sent. I was having difficulty with my insurance and he handled the situation quickly and got me the funds I needed within minutes.

1 star: Bad

Dishonest people

Dishonest people. They are a preditory lending company. Stay away.

5 stars: Excellent

Prudent financial! The Go to for your insurance and financial needs!

Prudent financial is a very professional place of business. Very clean . The staff are very efficient and friendly. I specifically delt with John Di Falco. I absolutly love and admire his spirit & energy. Even when things aren't going your way, he will absolutely get the job done. Within an efficient time and manner. He is hilarious and will cheer you up even during the worst circumstance. He's the go to guy for insurance!

1 star: Bad


I was reading too many positive reviews unfortunately, and that is the reason i went to Prudent Financial, where i should have read more negative reviews. I got a $50,000 mortgage from them, and that was only because i was tricked into taking this amount by one of the agents. Original sum i wanted was around $15,000, but because i had two credit cards on public record that i was paying through garnishment for past two years, it was recommended to me that it would be better to pay them off as interest is too high. Of course, there were other important things that i needed to pay like property taxes, etc. Fees they took from those $50,000, was $10,000 to them. I accepted it of course, because that was my only option as i didn't have a good credit history, and i had things i needed to pay off instantly. Everything seemed good at first, until i received a copy of mortgage payout funds. They paid those two credit cards i mentioned above more then they should. For instance, i owned $4700 to one creditor, and they paid them $11000. Least they could have done before making a payment was to verify with me first, and i could have argued with creditors. At the appointment before the payout i mentioned this to them, that it should be less, because i have been paying it for two years already through garnishment. But they said that they were just going by estimation until they reach each creditor. When i complained to them about this, they just told me that its my problem and that i should call creditor lawyers regarding this. Which i did, until creditor lawyers started sending me back to Prudent lawyer, and Prudent lawyer again to creditor lawyer. I'm just stuck going back and forth emailing and calling without any positive result. Also i want to mention that interest rate they gave me was at 9.99%, and disclosure rate at 28%, with chance that rate might change annually, and you have to pay a fee of $350 for renewal once a year. My advice would be if you have any other options EVEN one, to stay away from this GREEDY company.

1 star: Bad


DO NOT GO HERE! In the last couple months I got behind on my auto insurance the insurance company sent a letter of cancellation to me and Prudent I had until the 13th of May, actually 10th due to weekend hours. I managed to get 750$ together on the Friday to clear up the arrears and keep the policy in effect however during a 3 way call with the agent and Prudent I required another 179$, prudent agreed to lend me another $500 and would call the insurance company and pay the remaining amount. They sent me all the papers which I signed and scanned back to them. They were rushing since they closed at 5pm, but the insurance company was open until 6pm. Having assumed they made the payment I called back at 5:10pm and spoke to Bob, this is when he informed me that they did not make the payment,since everyone went home at ,5 I was shocked to hear this, I was instructed by Bob to drop my car to them the next day before noon, I work nights and did not wake up in time to to do this, also I would have been stranded there with my daughter. Bob called me at 12:15 to ask if I was on my way, I said no that I couldn't make it there in time and explained my being stranded there he seemed not to care and started lecturing me, and assured me that the payment would be made and that they would try and talk to the insurance company for reinstatement of policy. At 2:10 am Monday my car was picked up by their baliff and taken away. On Monday I tried contacting them numerous times via email and voicemail. Finally getting in touch, they said that they did not receive the loan documents on Friday (lie) and they would write a new one and I could come in Tuesday to sign. On Tuesday when I got up 12 noon I found an email from them requesting me to not come in, and that they had to talk to Gary about it.At 3:30 pm I received a call from Zak telling me that there would be no loan/ payment by them and that I was deemed a risk(by this time they had received proof of insurance on the car) and they would not release the vehicle to me unless I paid out the loan plus a bunch of fees almost 6900$ total. This is how they pull the carpet out from under you, just when you think there's hope guess again.The only way I was able to get a new policy with same rating was because of the notes the insurance agent had on file, of them saying they were going to pay the remainder. I hope they have it on voice recording also as I might need it. What is this companies mission statement? To screw when screwable and destroy people's lives, don't be fooled by there ads of "helping" that's just a front if they get the opportunity to to take advantage of a person you bet they will.

Reply from Prudent Financial Services
Tomas - We reviewed your comments and looking into this. Our goal is always to provide great service along with a a timely loan that also assists in an overall credit rebuilding process. It's our understanding you were kind enough to send a note to John at Prudent thanking him for all his efforts to secure insurance for your vehicle. John always puts in the extra effort and we know all our customers who require John's efforts are very pleased. Someone is reaching out to you today to discuss your situation as it is always our intention to do the best we can for every customer. Sincerely, Prudent Customer Care
1 star: Bad

Prudent financial is the worst…

Prudent financial is the worst financial company. Stay away from this dishonest company. Zack is the worst employee they have. He has no manners and doesn't know how to speak to people.

Reply from Prudent Financial Services
Justin - this review disturbs us greatly. I can't imagine how you went away with this impression. Zack is highly regarded and truly cares about the people he helps at Prudent. If you'd care to contact us directly we'd really like to speak about this experience and clear up any misunderstandings. Sincerely, Prudent Customer Care
5 stars: Excellent

The Value of Relationship!

My experience with Prudent Financial has been phenomenal! I am a return customer because of how Gary (the owner) understands and values the concept of “relationship” with his customers. Even as my credit score continues to improve every month, I would not hesitate to return to Prudent for any future needs. I highly recommend this company. Take it from some one who’s business it is to do their research. Thanks again, Gary!

Dr. Brown.

1 star: Bad

Prudent advertising the cheapest…BS

Prudent advertising the cheapest financing for only 5.79% and everybody is so excited.........meanwhile the interest is only 5.79% BUT they charge a HUGE fee about 40% the amount they lend you. So for a $20K loan (title loan which they use your car as collateral, means no risk) you need to repay $31K total in 3 years which is 31% and NOT 5.79%. How is that screwing you the buyer? if you like to pay out the loan, lets say after a year you only save the 5.79% of interest while the HUGE FEE you prepaid is GONE!!!!!
Oh, and buying a car from them.........not only the charge you the 31% (total with the fees) but they sell their cars 30% over market value.

So if you guys think that prudent is still the best........then you deserve the screwing they are giving you. My wife has a title loan with them and YES they charged us $11000 fees for a $31000 title loan while the interest was only 5.9% and yes they do divide the huge fee to only 19 months while the actual loan is for 36 months.....so if we like to repay the loan in the middle of it we get nothing from the fees back. They should be ashamed lying about it on the web while i have all the papers to prove it!!!!!!

Nothing its disclosed other than the 5.79% interest...........why do you advertise the 5.9% but you don't advertise the 30-40% fees that need to be paid upfront and is divided ONLY to 19 months while the loan is 36 months. Keep yapping of a good company you are but inside is exactly like all other money loan companies......THIEVES. The other companies just have the BALLS to advertise all the secret fees while you don't

Reply from Prudent Financial Services
Chris - we wanted to correct some inaccuracies in your comment above. All interest rates and fees are clearly disclosed throughout the process prior to asking anyone to sign any documents. Prudent Financial has always been a reputable company assisting people in Ontario with loans when banking institutions may not. And we, unlike many of our competitors, report the positive payback history to the credit bureau as part of an overall credit rebuilding program. This enables many of our customers to achieve even lower rates and they are often welcomed back to their bank for future loans. Anyone who wishes to know more about our loans and lending practises are encouraged to visit our website, PrudentFinancial.net We pride ourselves on treating everyone with courtesy and transparency, and have done so since 1984. Sincerely, Prudent Customer Care
5 stars: Excellent


I don't generally write reviews but after having my third loan with Prudent Financial it's time to share my overall experience. From the time you walk through the front door you're greeted with a warm welcome not only from the front desk staff but from the company president who actually leaves his office to give you a personal welcome. Beyond that, Deborah McGee, my loans officer, is the primary reason I feel comfortable going to Prudent than a bank. She's a professional and well-versed in the business. She knows how how to calm nerves and make the entire process seem effortless. Thanks Deborah for helping me out over the years!

1 star: Bad


I will not recommend my friends or family...Prudent Financial charged me interest on 2 closed accounts after checking my credit report I noticed the balances were 0 however; the Status was showing (OPEN)...after I called in was put on hold for 1/2 hr by a (John Doe) and when I did not get this matter resolved...he put me in collections to collect interest on closed accounts since 2009-2011 after all these years...Ridiculous I must say...be ware of the scammers out there...putting money in there pocket on interest from closed accounts...make sure you get a release certificate stating the account has been paid in full and status (CLOSED) with 0 balance...dis-satisfied former client.

Dear, Customer Care.

Here is an update for you regarding (John Doe) aka Zakaria
See the original email from Zakaria below...so you know and can see for yourself he is very dishonest he said I owed $120.00 in bank fees and due to me no agreeing with these "Bank Fees" on closed accounts, when I was the one who called in to get this matter resolved, the amount seemed to double after putting me in collections with your agency. I received my release letters for the (bank fees) from the duly authorized collection agency acting on behalf of Prudent Financial) Zakaria It would be greatly appreciated if you can see to it that the status on my credit report under these two accounts #'s 100052 for $42.71 & 109781 $236.48 = $279.19 a difference of $159.19 to be accounted for and the status shows (Closed) date closed ( August 31, 2018.) if I don't see the status on these account(s) information updated as stated here by Friday September 28th.
I will call the credit bureau to inform them of the update on these Prudent Financial Services Inc. accounts.


Marsha. L


Amount owing for bank charges is $120.00


Zakaria Afzal
Collection Manager
Prudent Financial Services Inc.

Reply from Prudent Financial Services
Dear Marsha - We’re sorry you felt your experience was not a positive one. Although we are not allowed to disclose specifics about your situation because of privacy laws we try our best to accommodate when extenuating circumstances occur and to construct realistic monthly payback and terms for all our clients, so there is an expectation that the money lent will be paid back over that agreed upon time. Unfortunately it is necessary to collect when reasonable terms agreed upon and follow up efforts are not respected. We wish you the best with your future financial health Marsha.
Sincerely, Prudent Customer Care
5 stars: Excellent
1 star: Bad

Zak is the most nasty person I have…

Zak is the most nasty person I have ever met. He is on a power trip all the time. I was off work for 4 weeks and didn’t have a pay check.my payment fell behind by 8 days so I was going to send him half of the payment on Apr. 27th and the other half on May 4th. This is my third loan with Prudent and the first time I was ever late on my payment. He had the sheriff take my car last night leaving me stranded with all my groceries. I am a 70 year old Senior, my husband died 3 years ago, who now has to find out. how to get my car back. ALL OF THIS BECAUSE I WAS 8 DAYS LATE ON MY PAYMENT. DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH ZAK. HE IS THE RUDEST MOST NASTY PERSON I HAVE EVER MET.

Reply from Prudent Financial Services
Dear Sandy - Our objective is to have a positive client experience every time and we have one of the higher customer satisfaction rates in our industry. We regret that circumstances did not allow that to be the case this time around.
Sincerely, Prudent Customer Care
5 stars: Excellent


Hi...I am very pleased with Prudent Financial services..during my toughest times I turned to Prudent Financial, the minute I walked into the office I was greeted with loyalty..the staff was friendly..Gary was most helpful I thank you so much for your excellent care in helping me and putting my financial status back on track and in good standing, you sure deserve excellent recognition, and Jill and Jonas as well thank you so much for your good advise and excellent care and customer service. I also had an excellent customer service experience from Naomii who handled my loan and took extra time in explaining all my options very pleasant caring and professional.

Martino, Etobicoke ON

5 stars: Excellent

Absolutely amazing

Absolutely amazing ! I had the pleasure dealing with Deborah, she was absolutely fantastic. She found out of the box solutions as my situation was unique. The amount of credit I wanted - $12000 - was difficult to acquire anywhere. Deborah worked with me, following industry standards, and giving knowledgeable advice, she was able to get it done.

5 stars: Excellent

I found the staff helpful and …

I found the staff helpful and courteous. Clear terms. And for people looking to get back on their feet with a lower credit score it's true what they say good rates and a personal touch.