1 star: Bad

Worst customer service experience ever

Worst customer service experience ever! Spent a lot on appliances. Ordered panel ready fridge and dishwasher. Sales rep never mentioned additional cost to install panels. Sales rep never mentioned possibility of back order delays. Put down deposit. Supposed to be delivered beginning of Nov. never heard from them. When we called beguof November they said well we never heard because we hadnt paid. We hadn’t paid in full because we’re waiting to hear deliver details. Then they said fridge back ordered to mid December. We paid in full, big mistake! Then we heard from anonymous customer service rep that fridge back ordered to July 2021. I complained. We had cupboards designed specifically for the fridge. I complained as they hadn’t warned us of potential delay. Then we heard again now it back ordered to end of February. When we asked for the installation of the panels to be comped for all of the hassle they said nope is extra 590$ even though they failed to mention it when we bought. So I tried to email store manager. His email is blocked to external emails (I wonder why?). So I emailed corporate customer service manager. Twice they promised to have someone contact me about the fridge delay. Twice no one followed up. Worst customer service experience ever. Once they have your money they don’t care at all. Don’t buy from Tasco ever.

1 star: Bad

Bought all my appliances from Tasso 2…

Bought all my appliances from Tasso 2 years ago.
Purchases extended warranty from Tasso not 3rd party who doesn’t seem to want to help.
Now over 2 months without a working microwave and am not sure when it will be fixed

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1 star: Bad

There are several issues with Tasco the…

There are several issues with Tasco the moment they clinch the sales (your money). Read the review it’s worth your time!

The customer support has very little clue around delivery. The day before my shipment I received a confirmation call. I was informed that my Tasco shipment included both Tasco and SubZero products bound for shipment the next day. After a quick hold, the flustered rep said she had misspoken and my shipment would not include the SubZero product. I asked why and she gave no answer. Hmmm so she gave me a phone number to call SubZero, but seeing that it was past 6:00 pm nothing was open. Ok so what next? Like a mad women I called my sales rep Gabriel (Pickering Tasco) and of course he was gone for the day. Turns out my entire shipment including both Tasco and SubZero were on the same truck. Honestly this is just the beginning of my saga with Tasco. There’s the story of my trying to make extra payments against my SubZero order (which my sales rep Gabriel was unhelpful). It took weeks to sort out how to make extra payments. Then the issue of having my wrong address and going through hoops to make corrections between Tasco, SubZero, with unanswered emails, calls and constant follow up and escalations. Then there’s the back order issue, where I ordered a filter only to find out it had shipped to the wrong store and Gabriel having me drive to Pickering which was not even there. Then there’s the “complementary induction pot set” for my new induction range. I will most likely never see it! Wait there’s more... I had emailed Gabriel and SubZero to postpone my delivery due to contractor delays and after several follow up and telephone calls I finally got through to Gabriel to confirm this postponement. He says sure I can make the change... but “are you sure this is the last change because I have to spend over 1 hour on hold with SubZero and this is a waste of my time.” Honestly my head spun... when did customer service mean so little??? Gabriel may seem helpful at the onset, but what he lacks is good old fashion post customer care. He ALWAYS passed me off to others and was unhelpful. Please read this review because you will find yourself disappointed with Tasco experience.

1 star: Bad

Buyers be ware..

Buyers be ware... our appliances were delivered in stages, purchased installation never happened, we had to hire private installer, Tasco never return our money.
The worst customers service l have ever experienced, bunch of irresponsible people. Don’t deal with them !!!!!

1 star: Bad

Save yourself some headache and go to another company.

I reached out to Tasco on Aug 7, 2020 and ordered a washing machine as my existing one was starting to show problems. I ordered ahead of time so I could have it replaced before it stopped working. The Sales Rep I chatted with online told me that they would have one in stock in a few weeks. I had to go through multiple emails and calls and finally touched base with him and put down a deposit...He originally sent me a link to pay in full(!) By the end of August I was told that there was a delay and I should expect something by mid September. I received a call later and was told that the stocks should be available closer to Sep 26. When I followed up later I was told that they were still out of stock. On Sep 29 my washer started leaking and water went into my basement. I called the store and could not get to the Sales Rep. I was transferred to another department and waited on hold for over an hour (not exaggerating - the timer was on my phone) only to be told that the delivery had been pushed out 1 more month! I called Canadian Appliance Source and they had the exact same model available and delivered in 2 days. Since then I had emailed the Sales Rep multiple times as I could not reach him over the phone. I received an email on Oct 15 promising me that the order had been cancelled. On Nov 20, I received a call from their "collections" department telling me that the washer was available and that my order had not been cancelled. This has been the worst experience I have ever had with the purchase of a major appliance.

1 star: Bad

Just stay away worst service I have…

Just stay away worst service I have ever had. I bought a new appliance and with in 10 month it stopped working. It took 6 phone calls each over 30 mins to finally get date for service. When the day came for the service no one showed up. Just do your self a favour and buy your stuff some where else.

1 star: Bad


AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS !!!!! NOT ONLY THIS TASCO LOCATION, BUT ALL!!!! Bare with me and read this review to find the reason why ... We ordered a dishwasher, washer and dryer in July. We've been told that we will receive them all by end of August. In September they finally delivered our dishwasher and we've been told that our washer and dryer delivery is postponed to November!!!!!! Okay ... We understand, it's Covid time ... We got our dishwasher installation as well from Tasco. After they installed it, we noticed it was leaking after a week. Our basement ceiling paint was all coming off and the whole ceiling was wet. We called and reported the issue. After a MONTH they replaced the dishwasher. but this is not the end of it!! The guy who came from Tasco to uninstall our current dishwasher, didn't tightened the hose properly in our cabinet. After couple of hours, we opened our cabinet we noticed it's all wet and the water is dripping from the hose. We went to the basement and the water was dripping from our basement ceiling as well... Our whole basement floor was flooded ... and the new dishwasher display panel is full of scratch ... and we haven't got our washer and dryer yet. Tasco does not care about their clients at all. Their costumer service is a JOKE!!! Every time I called was as if I woke someone up from sleep to answer the phone!! They don't listen to you, they eat chips while talking to you!!! Unbelievably unprofessional ....Expect to be on the line with Tasco's customer service for HOURS. Expect your orders to be delayed for MONTHS. Expect your place to be FLOODED and DAMAGED. Expect to get a DEFECTED product after MONTHS of delay IF you're still considering Tasco after this review.

1 star: Bad

Poor customer service

On August 5, I went into Tasco looking for a dishwasher, found one that was within my budget, the price was $799. I received a printout with the price written in pencil on the top. I indicated that I would return on Thursday to purchase, the dishwasher, but the salesman was off for 2 days and would be returning on Saturday. So, I scheduled my appointment for Saturday morning. When I returned on Saturday to purchase the dishwasher, and the price was increased from $799 to $949. When I questioned the salesman, he indicated the price was increased due to the USA tariff taxes. I was terribly upset, for this was way out of my price range. However, I looked at another dishwasher, the price of this dishwasher was $799. I wanted to do a review search on this specific product, for it was my second choice. I left the store, called, and spoke to the salesman, indicating that I will be returning on Sunday morning to purchase the other dishwasher, which we had looked at. I returned on Sunday morning and again the price was increased to $899, same story USA sales tariff. I was so upset, for 2 days in a row, the prices increased. I wonder?? Did they see me coming? Anyways, I purchased the dishwasher on Sunday, August 9, and I was waiting for the delivery, which I understood, was scheduled for August 20. I emailed the salesman, to confirm, but he did not respond. I called Tasco and finally got some answers, the dishwasher would not be delivered until August 29 and payment was due now! Wow, when was anyone going to contact me with this information? NO ONE!!!! And to add customer service over the telephone was horrible!!!
The Appliance arrives, not in a box or even wrapped in plastic, I inspected it, it appeared ok. I opted to have my son install it, but after reading the instructions, he felt that it would be too difficult for him. So, on August 31, I called and spoke to the salesman, who indicated that it would cost $300.00 plus tax and he would get back to me by 530pm that day. I waited over one week and no phone call. I would still be waiting if I did contact another company to install the dishwasher at a cheaper rate with a warranty.

Tasco has the worst customer service. I will never purchase another product from this company.

1 star: Bad

worst customer service experience ever

worst customer service experience ever! I paid for full price for new washer but Tassco sent me a open, naked one without original packaging. I called and waited for half hour and then hang up. I emailed twice still no reponse. Just want to get a fair purchase. SO disappointed with the customer service. I can even say they do not have any after buy service at all.

1 star: Bad

I would like to express my frustration…

I would like to express my frustration at the royal round around i have received from Tasco.
From July I have been without a cooling fridge . I have placed many calls only to be put on hold and then hand up on .
I have spoken to people at comerco, transglobal to persons who seem to be in Jamaica no one ever has a clue about my service calls .
After a long wait with one technician visit I was provided a credit to go in to a tasco store and choose another fridge .
The only people that seemed genuinely concerned was the lady at the brampton store tasco I think her name was Angie, who assisted me with an appointment to come in and see a sales person who would help me .
I went into the store choose a fridge the options were limited as nothing was in stock i decided to wait as I was told the second week of September the fridge should be in . I called today only to be told that the back office has not yet converted my sale .
The sales person seem to be helping but there is not much he can do . I was transferred once again to speak to someone got some lady last name Maine I beleive it was but I doubt whether she would call me back as I was given these promises many many times.
I was told I would not be compensated as the freezer of the fridge is working nor would I be getting any loaners due to covid i understand that. However how should one be able to utilize a freezer only should be freezing my milk and eggs ? And fruits and veggies? Because that's what the people said . I have small kids that school has reopened back and I can't buy anything to store in a fridge for my children. How is this right? I think I have been accommodating and accepting long enough.

At this point I dont feel like I would want to continue business with tasco and would like a refund to purchase my fridge elsewhere and to even consider having a warranty with them .

1 star: Bad

Worst ever

Worst ever, tried to make an appointment to buy appliances end of august 2020, they would not let me bring my 2 children in the store with me said only allowed one person , hinted to leave them in the car, what a joke!!

1 star: Bad

Absolutely the worst experience ever

Absolutely the worst experience ever. I placed an order for a dishwasher back in early July of 2020 with an expected delivery date of 1-week. That delivery date has been now pushed back for over 2-months and they are telling me that they are in stock, but waiting to come up from the US. So basically, when the website at the time of ordering said the units were in stock, they were not. I have been waiting now for over 2-months for a dishwasher that should have been delivered 1-week after ordering. Absolutely horrendous experience and I would absolutely never purchase so much as shoe laces from this company ever again.

1 star: Bad

Worse store ever

Worse store ever, i meant to give them zero stars but it didn’t work. I order a Portable dishwasher, 6 month on still waiting. Every few weeks i get an email and a call for delivery, the day before delivery they call to say it is not going to happen , and i have to wait another month.. it is a total joke. My money is still with them. don’t know weather i should cancel and find a more reliable store. Waste of time. They do not care about anything. Save yourself the frustration, and stay away from them.. absolutely NOT recommended, the few dollars different in price are not worth it.

1 star: Bad

The worst customer service ever on…

The worst customer service ever on every level. I am so frustrated. I have purchased many expensive appliances over the years from this store but never have I experienced this. I made an appointment to purchase the fridge to find my sales person was late. How is that possible when he is in the next room. My fridge arrives on August 22 and 2 weeks later the freezer breaks down. I call the sales rep Andy Kao to have him send someone to fix it. no reply. I email him and finally 5 days later he calls me back. I no longer want this fridge. I want it replaced. Why should I have a lemon that needs repairing in 2 weeks. My sales rep says he can't help me. So I call his boss Ron Hall and he doesn't reply. I email him, he doesn't respond. I call his receptionist and ask her to tell him I need to speak with him. It has been four hours. I am transferred to the Brampton customer service who just want to transfer me back to the store. They can't tell me who Ron Hall reports to and they want me to call Ron Hall to ask him who he reports to. They want me to call the same person who I am complaining about. The same person who won't answer my calls or my emails. Seriously the WORST customer service.

1 star: Bad


Tasco has gone from great to the absolute worst. When my washer broke, within the extended warranty period, it took forever to get a technician out. The first technician said it was a safety mechanism on the door. Needed to order a part. Came back many days later. Changed it. Said it was all fine. Left. Two days later, machine wasn't working. I asked customer service for a new machine. They refused. Took forever for a second technician to come out. Said the board was fried. Had to order one. I called customer service again and asked for a new machine. They refused, said it could be fixed. I asked to speak to someone else. Took many days of calling to get someone to actually call me back. Again they refused a new machine. Waited again. Technician came back with the new board. Nothing. Said these machines actually have two boards and that they were probably both fried. Would have to order the second board. I called customer service back. Forever to get someone to call me back. After much back and forth and many, many phone calls and conversations, I finally convinced them to replace the machine, which they did, reluctantly.

All in all I was without a washing machine for over three months, spending quite a bit of time and money going to a laundromat.

Next came the fridge. The day the fridge was delivered I called the sales rep to tell him that there was a piece on the bottom of the right-hand door that was bent and scraping against the top of the bottom freezer door. The sales person said it was cosmetic and that they couldn't do anything about cosmetics, that the fridge was working fine. That piece kept bending more and more until, just after the warranty expired, it broke off and the door fell. I called customer service. Weeks of calling to get someone to call me back. Finally reached someone. I explained to them that they sold me a fridge with structural damage, that the 'cosmetic' piece was actually a part that holds up the door. They said the fridge was out of warranty and that they wouldn't fix it. I replied that it was a problem that I had brought up with the sales rep the day I received the fridge and was told, by Tasco, that it was cosmetic. I explaind that had Tasco not said it was cosmetic and had actually sent someone to check the fridge, under warranty, we wouldn't be in this situation now, that Tasco is at least partially responsible for the fridge not having been fixed under warranty. They said that was something I needed to bring up with the sales rep, not with them. I asked if they don't all work for the same company. I explained that when the sales person told me the issue was cosmetic and that they couldn't do anything about it, that he was representing Tasco. They basically said 'too bad'.

Had similar customer support issues with a dishwasher.

After the dishwasher I thought maybe I just had had a bit of bad luck, so I trusted them with the washer. That was a nightmare. Then the fridge.

Once is maybe bad luck. Twice ... maybe. Three times is a just a plain bad choice to go with Tasco.

Please save yourself the trouble and headache. Their customer service seems to spend a lot of time, money and effort in doing the least possible. Once you've bought an appliance from them, all of their efforts seem to go into doing what they can to not servicing the customer.

I have bought most of my appliances from Costco, for almost 40 years. They used to be great with a very approachable and caring customer service. They have gone to the complete opposite end. They don't care if you've been a customer for 40 years and their customer service is an absolute nightmare.

2 stars: Poor

One month wait for dishwasher sucked

One month wait for dishwasher sucked. However the technician that came to install Andreas was awesome. Had old dishwasher out, new one installed and taken away in no time. Stellar performance by installation tech. He also took the time to explain that the water shut off valve was a bit sketchy so we are able to replace it before and issue comes up. Five star rating for the tech.

1 star: Bad

If you have a problem with a new…

If you have a problem with a new appliance you are on your own. Sales and customer service will not return calls or answer to emails. I went a month without a fridge and no one gave a cr@p. I can write a book with all the terrible experiences I had with them. Ofcourse no compensation either. I will never shop there again.

1 star: Bad

Tasco Worst Customer Service

We finally were able to buy a new range, from Tasco Pickering within a short time of using the oven we noticed some defects in the door (specks) on the glass, we tried wiping them but that did not help, they were in between the glass there was also some trim that was damaged, my husband took pictures (with his phone) and went back to Tasco they said they couldn't see them (but our family and friends could) they sent out a technician and he did a written report and also pictures, he said we will replace the door my husband said we were not happy with this and would like to upgrade to another range, the technician said take this report to Tasco and deal with them. After going back to Tasco my husband was very surprised at the attitude of some of the associates they more or less ignored him even though he made a few attempts, finally they told them to see the manager when she was in as she was off that day. We never heard from her so he went back to Tasco on Saturday and had a meeting with her to his surprise she told him she had not even been aware of any of this as her associates did not even tell her were very upset with this, however she told him she would contact him when she had some answers, well a few days later she called and said there was nothing she could do for us.Even though we were going to upgrade pay more for another range and also purchase a new microwave. However this will not happen now, I have read through all of the comments and we also feel the same once you buy and pay and encounter any issues you are ignored,
Tasco needs to start and deal with their customers so that they are satisfied as we all know CUSTOMER SERVICE can make or break a company.

5 stars: Excellent

Thank you Edith for all of your help…

Thank you Edith for all of your help and support with our purchase. Your professionalism and high level of knowledge was amazing.

5 stars: Excellent

I was very impressed with the installation of my washer and dryer.

I was very impressed with the installation team (Terry and Dayne), that came to install my washer and dryer. They were extremely helpful and accommodating, dealing with the removal and installation in a very tight space.