5 stars: Excellent

Literally “love” at first sight

I was scrolling through Vue Themes looking for a theme that could sit well with my clothing line blog website. That’s when I spotted the Ace theme, the images from the sample matched the vibe I was looking for perfectly: simple, minimal and aesthetic. What I love especially was the modern font that gave me a lo-fi cafe mixed techy vibe.

Okay enough of the looks and onto the functionality. The layout responded exceedingly well beyond my expectations and was surprisingly easy to use and edit. The images I inserted fitted perfectly without any glitches or problems and immersed beautifully into the background.

I also want to add that they did a great job with the navigation, sleek and really convenient for scrolling through my portfolio. Tested loading speed and they work fine, no lag and getting through is fast enough.

All in all, great purchase, very satisfied.

5 stars: Excellent

Best $49 I spent this week was Paragon…

Best $49 I spent this week was Paragon by Vue Themes. It feels amazing not worrying about what's looking good and what's not on my landing page. Thanks Vue Themes! Glad I can rely on ya