1 star: Bad

After contacting them numerous of times…

After contacting them numerous of times about a closed website, I still never received a real answer and a proper reason why the website was closed or any proof only some screenshot where nothing can be seen, the customer service gives some non conclusive answers and they have their own rules, typical moody Germans. Hexonet should be avoided there are much better companies out there...

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4 stars: Great

Pretty good system

Pretty good system, but support can take a couple of days.

1 star: Bad

Hexonet hosts illegal websites

Hexonet hosts illegal websites. Do not get associated with hexonet or centralnic. Their abuse department is an empty box and will never reply. Bottom line is more important to Hexonet than people's lives.

1 star: Bad

4% of payment disappeared

I sent money via PayPal, exactly as requested. Then 3.9% of the money I sent is gone and the website shows "insufficient funds" so I can't register. Feels like a scam.

1 star: Bad

When it comes to support

When it comes to support it takes time, they could never help me understand the error I was getting. I had spent over a week trying to contact different people in the support team and they couldn't help. Not a reliable company to trust.

5 stars: Excellent

Good domain registrar

Payment process might be easier, but other than that it's a very decent domain name registrar with lots of customizations and transparent pricing model.

5 stars: Excellent

Excellent work

Excellent work! I tried different services for backordering, hexonet was successful. Nice clean UI and friendly customer support. I will be definitely a returning customer.

Please add automatic payment. :)

4 stars: Great

Great registrar with unique features, but payment is a minor hassle

I've been using Hexonet since 2011. They're pretty good. Hexonet are unique in that they position themselves as a "reseller" / wholesale domain registrar rather than a retail registrar, which means they're a great choice if you run a web host or sell domains and hosting to clients. Notably, you get discounts once you have over 100 domains with them, and further discounts once you have over 1000 domains with them.

They have many unique features aimed towards those types of customers, such as branding of the control panel, configuration of price plans (configure the prices that your customers see), and the ability to customise WHOIS listings for your domains to show your company name and URL. Their standout feature is a fully-featured API - anything you can do through their site, you can also do through their API. They have one single unified API for all their supported TLDs.

However, how Hexonet differ from other wholesale/reseller registrars is that they do not have any minimum purchase amounts and no required monthly spend, so they're still a good choice even for "regular" domain registrations or people that only have a few domains. They offer a very wide range of TLDs, and I've found that their prices for some TLDs with them are comparable to other registrars. The reason I'm rating them four stars rather than five is that I really dislike their prepaid payments system. Rather than paying directly at the time of purchase (like with any other registrar), you instead need to add funds to your Hexonet account, and then all purchases come from the funds in your account. This is probably okay for larger users that are constantly buying and renewing domains (one large payment is likely better than hundreds of small ones), but it's a hassle for people that have just a few domains with them.

I have around 40 domains, 4 of which are currently registered with Hexonet.

4 stars: Great

Great functionality, decent prices, difficult payment options.

I'm using Hexonet's services for almost two years. They perform very well when it comes to dropcatching of registrations on new domain extensions (the reason why I tested them in the first place was that they were able to secure domain names on the GA drop for their clients, while I had unsuccessfully pre-ordered them with other registrars. So I gave them a chance and saw a high success rate!). Pricing is average, but at the lower end: not expensive, but not a bargain either. Customer service replied in a timely manner when contacted. Only negative aspect: Only payment option I saw was buying "account credit" in advance (which resulted in unused/inaccessible money in their account, since they did not catch the last domain I pre-ordered). Make this account credit refundable or even better introduce real time payments by credit card and I will raise this review score to 5 stars.

1 star: Bad

Horrible and unprofessional customer service

Being a customer at Hexonet for a duration of 3 years, one day my account was around 50 cent short of the renewal fee, causing them to shut down my VPS (no warning emails sent in timely manner). Charged with 50 EUR in order for them to restore the backup of my VPS, they didn't succeed in telling their provider (Vanager) to restore the backup before it was deleted. Furthermore they blamed Vanager for their own unprofessional behaviour. I won't go to Hexonet for anything again, and I urge you to rethink if you're considering putting any of your business with them.

5 stars: Excellent

Great service and support

Hexonet provides an easy and smooth user interface and the service is fast and always very helpful and friendly.
Even as a small customer, you really feel that your important to them.

Update 9 years later:
I still stand by my review. They are still our main provider and still offer top of the line service. :)