5 stars: Excellent


Trust forex has been an amazing experience for me and I would highly recommend any newcomer to forex to defiantly partake in Luca’s education as it is truly quality material that will get you to where you wanna be as a proper self sufficient trader. Luca is very attentive and always available at all times of the day to help and is always ensuring that his students are up to date with the latest information all way from news to technical analysis. Joining trust forex was such a great opportunity as I have not only made money but have learned a lot about the forex market in a different and better perspective. Luca is an outstanding mentor and i would highly recommend his material to everyone who is taking a keen interest on becoming a self sufficient trader! As well as his trade signals are very profitable with a great win to loss ratio , he is always on top of risk management , a huge tool in staying safe in the market , an aspect that a lot of other traders lack, you will not go wrong joining the team and I am very grateful I have joined!

5 stars: Excellent

Trust Forex is the perfect place

Trust Forex is the perfect place for beginners to start learning about the Forex market with, Introduction Guide, Personal Assessments, Weekly Schedules, New Overviews, Market Breakdowns, Additional Course Content, an Affiliate Program, and Economic News Headline Reports and then the chat group where you are part of an community with the same goals.

I couldn't ask for anything more.

5 stars: Excellent

No regrets

This course provides quality content plus coupled with a chat platform where you get you questions answered. Plus the cost is affordable, especially for the quality given. No regrets.

5 stars: Excellent

TrustForex OVERALL is an excellent place for education and training

Having been a member for about a year now, TrustForex members and the instructor Luca have been very helpful and supportive. He is very easy to contact, transparent, and acts as a great coach wanting the best for his students. He sets realistic expectations for you so that you don’t have false hopes going into the program.

The course is always being fine tuned and improved based on member reviews and feedback. The implementation of stages based on knowledge and skill is very helpful and motivating. Before continuing to the next stage, a test is given by Luca and graded to make sure the basic and advanced concepts of foreign exchange are well understood. This, I have found for myself, is very helpful and forces me to be better opposed to just assuming I know the information.

The weekly schedule is very organized including the midweek review, weekend gameplan and daily follow ups in the group chat to see how everyone is keeping. The market breakdowns are extensive and includes, both fundamental and technical analysis. The analysis also contains economic report links that are continuously being posted about developments in the world that impact the market.

The support and knowledge of other members is also very helpful to keep you on track.

Again, having been a part of this training for about a year, I have found the information and training to be great. I had my own setbacks with forex to start, but the guidance and system is currently helping me.

5 stars: Excellent

Trust Forex Review (Fantastic Experience)

Where can I begin to describe my experience. Luca has always been a good friend and especially extraordinary mentor. The course is for Beginners/Intermediate and even advanced traders who would like to learn or polish up on certain fundamentals of trading. The technical and fundamental analysis are fantastic. He teaches you both ways to find what you would prefer more. I had no idea what any of the vocabulary meant or even what the foreign exchange market was. He taught me the basics through his course each module is broken down to perfection. It is detailed and very descriptive to teach you about what you will be facing in the Forex Market. You must stay Persistent and Consistent if you want to see improvement. Learn to accept losses as a learning experience instead of being sad about it. The Breakdowns of currency pairs are the best experience so far. It's in depth and you know he puts a lot of time into it. It was well worth the investment. I am very impressed of the time Luca has put into the course. He has different stages for progression. (stage 1/2/3)

I love the group and I would encourage anyone interested to reach out to him and learn. It's a 5/5 & an 10/10 for me.

5 stars: Excellent

Great technical and fundamental…

Great technical and fundamental analysis. TrustForex has helped me understand everything Forex related from beginner to the expertise level.

5 stars: Excellent

I joined Trust Forex back in April…

I joined Trust Forex back in April 2020, without having any prior trading experience. In just a few short months I feel like I’ve come so far from when I first started. Luca’s well explained module videos and his weekly market analysis breakdown on multiple pairs will help anyone from beginner to advanced succeed in the Forex market.

The staggered stage setup helps keep members motivated as well as progressing at a rapid pace. Joining Trust Forex was one of the best decisions I could have made.


5 stars: Excellent

Trust forex course review

This course/program is excellent. Being someone that has always wanted to get into the financial markets and learn more about them, this course Is so detailed with so much work put into it, that it makes it so easy to understand and grasp. Coming into the group chat you’re joining a bunch of people who are genuinely dedicated to learning and helping each other get better. Furthermore, whether you’re on a busy schedule or not the weekly breakdowns are extremely helpful. Especially if you are brand new to the foreign exchange market these breakdowns are so detailed and explicit helping you get a grasp of what to look for and prepare for heading into the week. Being a new member I am still in stage 1, but having a personal assessment at the end, and then having a 30 day trial period to test your skills with actual trading I find to be a great layout. It ensures people who come in are taking it serious and actually want to learn and not just make some quick cash. Economic headlines can sometimes, not only be hard to find but hard to understand in the sense of how it affects certain currency pairs and the market in general, but Luca gives great options for news outlets and sends actual headlines to read as well as help you understand how they affect the market. All in all this course is extremely well planned, laid out, and executed and by all means is worth taking. Not only is it a legit course, but the detail that’s put in and all the different resources you have accessible to you is incredible.

5 stars: Excellent

Very detailed course

Very detailed course, covering everything From beginner to intermediate and ran by a great teacher

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5 stars: Excellent

Trust forex

Before I joined trustforex I was apart of IML and after going through some of the course I’m much more educated in the market and have a better understanding after just a month with luca vs 3 months with IML. Lucas signal chat is also amazing, he’s paying my bills. Worth every penny for the channel because I make back every penny and lots of profit

5 stars: Excellent

Luca has made many

Luca has made many, many changes and advancements with his program and it’s always continuously growing and advancing while still being easy to understand. The different stages help the prospects push harder and Luca always provides a surplus of information that further breaks down and clarifies how he works his magic with fx. I highly recommend his program to anyone trying to turn their life around.

1 star: Bad

Copying Theft! Scamming people!

What an as$hole! He copied off Jevan who owns Capital Hungry. This Luca guy used to be in Capital Hungry and Took Jevan's Contents and Set ups. He is scamming you by taking Jevan's Ideas and This Luca guy don't know Sh!t! He just taking Your Money! If you are smart Enough Don't Pay this guy and learn nothing from him. People make stupid Mistakes, But whoever reading this is Smart for sure!

1 star: Bad

Content Theft

Copy and pastes directly from other educators. Nothing original at all. Don't waste your time/money, and don't support scammers.

5 stars: Excellent


This course will give you not only the fundamentals but it will also give you everything you need to know to become a successful trader. Luca is always there to help 24/7 which is also a big help if you have any questions or concerns. It’s a 10/10 course would highly recommend.

1 star: Bad


Do not get this. This guy scams others. He steals all his information. You'll spend money to learn nothing from him personally.

Theres alot of con artist out there and he is one of them. Do yourselves a favor and STAY AWAY

1 star: Bad

Copied all concepts of trading from…

Copied all concepts of trading from Jevan who owns Capital Hungry and stole his private information such as analysis and breakdowns to use for his group and still claims he’s original. Stay away. Luca was once a part of CH before he started his own group. the positive reviews are manipulated and written by close friends of TrustForex

1 star: Bad

Copied everything from Jev at capital…

Copied everything from Jev at capital hungry. If you want the real deal join capital hungry

1 star: Bad


He is just copying all his content from capital hungry. Been caught too many times with capital hungry link open on his browser. It's pathetic.

5 stars: Excellent

Luca Puntillo does a great job in… making you a successful trader

Luca Puntillo does a great job in consistently upgrading his course for the better week after week. He provides many different ways to become a successful trader in his program TrustFx. Ive been a member for a year and he has always been changing his content on the program to make it more understandable and better. The program teaches you everything you need to know not just technically, but fundamentally and psychologically. He has just recently added a new strategy to help everyone grow. That is called the 3 stages, first stage making you pass a test about the markets. To past second stage you must become profitable in the markets for 1 month, which truly pushes to you do your best and reach the last stage where you are a successful trader, surrounded by other like minded profitable traders in a group to help each other out. Every week he does a recap on the markets and gives you his in depth analysis on pairs, which is extremely helpful. Gives you market breakdowns that truly help you understand whats going on. Also send weekly Economic News Headline Reports teaching you about whats going on in the world and how it impacts the pairs. He also has an affiliate program which is truly nice and helpful, which does also make you some money for recruiting people in. Trust Forex is a program i would recommend to anyone hands down. Luca does truly care about everyone's success in the program. He always listens to his members and their feedback. Responds quickly and tries his absolute best to help you.

1 star: Bad

Luca copies all his material from other…

Luca copies all his material from other people. He was part of Capital Hungry before being kicked out for copying all the analysis and selling it.Trust forex copies the content from other services every week while charging exponentially more. If you want knowledge from the source I recommend Capital Hungry.