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How do reviews get on Trustpilot?

Reviews on Trustpilot are written by consumers from across the globe. Anyone with a buying or service experience can write a review, as long as they follow our Guidelines for Reviewers. You can read more about the journey of Trustpilot reviews and who can write a review in our Support Center.

A Trustpilot review can start in two ways:

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Being open is in our DNA

Trustpilot was created in 2007 as an independent, open platform that sits between companies and consumers and empowers both by enabling collaboration.

Research has shown us that people want to share their experiences to make things better and when it comes to writing reviews, they won’t stand for censorship or delays. That’s why being open is so important.

We encourage all consumers who have had a recent, genuine experience to share it with our community, because we believe that open feedback delivers real value. Consumers can make more informed decisions when they know what others have experienced and companies can improve and innovate by collaborating with customers and learning from their feedback.

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Real reviews, in real time

We allow anyone to post a review, which prevents businesses from pre-screening or moderating what consumers actually read. This is one of the key ways we’re different from ‘closed’ or pay-to-access platforms where companies collect reviews as marketing collateral and can publish the reviews they like and ‘unpublish’ those they don’t (either after the fact or by pre-screening).

This is never the case on Trustpilot. We strongly believe in the power of being open to everyone and are fighting for a more transparent review industry. We also know this comes with great responsibility, which is why we’re constantly improving our efforts to tackle fake reviews, fraud and misuse.

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Reporting reviews

Being open to all also means giving both companies and consumers the opportunity to flag a review if it contravenes our guidelines. If a company reports (flags) a review it suspects violates our guidelines, the review is temporarily hidden while we investigate.

If a company suspects a reviewer hasn’t had an experience with them, they must reach out to the reviewer and ask for validation of the experience using our ‘Find Reviewer’ tool before they can report the review. If this doesn't lead to a relevant response within three days, they can then report the review.

Our rules are crystal clear that overreporting negative reviews is against our guidelines. Companies that misuse our reporting function damage the trustworthiness of our platform. We take this very seriously. Learn more about how we address misuse of the reporting function.

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Business Transparency

The Business Transparency page gives an overview of how a company has used Trustpilot over the past 12 months.

Everyone can see how the company got its reviews, how their review star ratings differ by source, how many reviews they’ve flagged, and whether those flagged reviews actually breached our guidelines.

It’s all part of our larger initiative to bring more openness and transparency to our platform and the review space as a whole.

A neutral space for dialogue and collaboration

"An open conversation means no censorship and no delays. Trustpilot is for everyone because we believe that’s the best way to deliver an honest and representative view of a company’s customer service."

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Data Protection Officer

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